Found in the legal Wechatosphere

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 10.13.48 AMArticles on legal topics,not necessarily relevant to the Supreme People’s Court, some may be harmonized

  1. Cai Jing, Without legal protections, all can be mistakenly end up at death’s door; 柴/静:没有法/律保障谁都可能被冤到死亡边缘
  2.  SPC judge republishes 被遗忘30年的法律精英, 2003 South Weekend article on the fate of many from the pre-1949 legal elite, “this can not be ignored, or the entire society pays the price,” 有些忽略,会让整个社会付出代价);
  3. Controversial case of young girl raped by entire family, 少女被全家强奸案,judgment released on Wechatresponse of authorities
  4. Empirical Chinese law research, the many problems