How to access Chinese online court hearings



#2 Circuit Court announcing verdict in Nie Shubin retrial case

China’s online court hearings received worldwide attention in 2016 when Professor Jerome Cohen and David Wertime published an article in Foreign Policy focusing on online trials in the Chinese courts.  This blog had earlier reported on the phenomenon. There isn’t a single platform for viewing online hearings.  The one that has drawn the most attention is the national one:


National platform:

Some provincial-level high courts have their own platforms that are not integrated with the national one. They include:

  1. Guangdong:
  2. Zhejiang:
  3. Henan:
  4. Beijing:
  5. Qinghai:
  6. Heilongjiang:
  7. Liaoning:
  8. Jiangsu:
  9. Anhui: (primarily transcripts rather than video)