Supreme People’s Court Monitor’s longer articles

Four of the Monitor’s longer articles can be found here. Two more are in the production pipeline at different stages, with predicted publication dates in 2020.

  1. How the Supreme People’s Court Serves National Strategy and ‘Makes Law’: The Pilot FTZ Opinion and its Implications, International Economic Law and the Challenges of the Free Zones; page proofs here (glitch warning): SSRN version 
  2. China’s Translucent Judicial Transparency, Transparency Challenges Facing China, (2019) SSRN version;
  3. The International Fraud & Corruption Sanctioning System: The Case of Chinese SOEs, China’s International Investment Strategy
    Bilateral, Regional, and Global Law and PolicySSRN version
  4. China’s Evolving Case Law System in Practice, (2017)  Tsinghua China Law Review; SSRN version

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