Supreme People’s Court judicial interpretations 司法解释/JUDICIAL documentS 司法文件 , Model cases 典型案例 tracker

After great delay, this blog will attempt to track newly issued judicial interpretations, various types of SPC judicial documents, and model/exemplary cases.

DateTitle, Translation & LinkTranslationAnalysis
June 16, 2021最高人民法院印发《关于修改〈最高人民法院关于司法解释工作的规定〉的决定》的通知
Notice of the Supreme People’s Court Issuing “Concerning the Decision Amending ‘Provisions of the Supreme People’s Court Concerning Judicial Interpretation Work'”
人民法院在线诉讼规则 Rules of the People’s Courts on OnLine LitigationOfficial commentary linked here
Judicial Interpretations
SPC, SPP, MPS Some Issues Related to the Application of Law to Telecommunications Network Fraud Criminal Cases最高人民法院 最高人民检察院 公安部关于办理电信网络诈骗等刑事案件适用法律若干问题的意见(二)official explanation linked
Judicial Documents
16 June 21最高人民法院司法改革领导小组
Notice Of the SPC Judicial Reform Leading Small Group Concerning the Distribution of “Selected People’s Court Judicial Reform Cases #11”
25 June 20212021年十大毒品(涉毒)犯罪典型案例 2021 10 typical drug crime cases
28 June 2021From March, 2021, SPC’s Intellectual Property Court’s Wechat account issuing a case a week, summarizing one of its cases依据侵权获利确定损害赔偿数额中的证明责任问题
17 November 2022Typical Anti-Monopoly Cases
Typical/Model/Exemplary Cases

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