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An expanding list of blogs helpful for understanding the Supreme People’s Court.


  • China Law Translate: a website created and maintained by Jeremy Daum that translates Chinese legal authorities and provides original commentary and analysis on Chinese legal developments. [Disclosure:  I occasionally contribute to China Law Translate and frequently link to its translations on this site.]
  • NPC Observer: a website created, edited, and maintained by Wei Changhao and his team, that focuses on the NPC and its Standing Committee [Disclosure: we collaborate]
  • China IPR [中国知识产权]: a blog by Mark Cohen that focuses on Chinese intellectual property law.  [Disclosure: we often collaborate]
  • The China Collection: a blog created by Donald Clarke as a platform for a group of scholars to publish brief articles.
  • USALI Perspectives: a new initiative from New York University School of Law’s U.S.-Asia Law Institute.  The blog publishes bi-weekly online essays about developments in domestic, comparative and international law in East Asia that have implications beyond the region, aiming to reach non-specialist readers. Also see USALI’s This Week in Asian Law, a round-up of legal news, including China, sometimes mentioning the Supreme People’s Court.


Links to law firm and other professional blogs with English language blog content relevant to the SPC.

A blog discussing China's highest court

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