Supreme People’s Court Monitor 2022 Year-end Report

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The Monitor as “Fargo North” Decoder

The Supreme People’s Court Monitor published 21 posts in 2022 (including this one), with close to 40,000  page views. The most number of views came from the United States, with three jurisdictions having almost the same number of views:

  • (Mainland) China;
  • India; and
  • Hong Kong (Hong Kong SAR).

The United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada trailed the others by a significant margin.   I wish I knew the distribution of my readers in mainland China–from my discussions with Chinese judges this year, it seems I have a significant number of readers in the System (体制), seemingly more than among Chinese academics, with several important exceptions.

Why did I do less blogging in 2022?   It can be attributed to focusing on longer academic articles and writing several short ones (one still to be published), as well as preparing for several challenging presentations.  The presentation at the China International Commercial Court meeting in August was among those. It was a great pleasure to participate in an in-person event at the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law this fall. I look forward to doing the same starting in January. I am very pleased that New York University School of Law’s U.S.-Asia Law Institute published my article on decoding the Supreme People’s Court’s Services and Safeguards Opinions and appreciate Katherine Wilhelm’s skillful editing.

Comments and discussions with several good friends, including in and out of the System, have helped me to gain additional insights, restructure and finish writing what I have called the “neverending article.” It will certainly need revising, as I will need to incorporate references to the latest batch of guiding cases and several items of legislation that the National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee is considering.  A second draft article will need to be restructured when the NPC Standing Committee promulgates some of that legislation.

Since the blog was founded almost ten years ago:

Page views: approximately 280,000
Jurisdictions: 200?
Posts: 341

A special thank you to my anonymous “peer reviewers”, who have always given forthright, insightful, and helpful comments on draft blogposts.

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