Stepping Back

The Supreme People’s Court Monitor will soon have its 10th birthday. It has transformed my life in many ways. But sorting through 10 years of blogposts and many other materials relating to the Supreme People’s Court (SPC) I have gathered over the past 30 years,  takes time.   So I plan to post only occasionally from now on and focus my efforts on putting together something on the SPC that is readable and understandable to those outside of China, and that my readers inside the System (体制)  consider an accurate analysis of a dynamic, extremely complicated institution. 

For those students and others who cite this blog in their writings (see Bluebook, OSCOLA,  and 法学引注手册)  and might be concerned that this blog is not “peer-reviewed,” please check the particular blogpost. You may find that I have thanked one or more anonymous peer reviewers (anonymous to the reader, not to me). 

4 thoughts on “Stepping Back”

  1. Please let me join the many who believe that your work has been an important public service for many years. Thank you.

    Best regards, Keith

    Keith Bradsher Beijing Bureau Chief The New York Times

  2. Congratulations, Susan! and many thanks. I’ve benefited a lot from all your work, and so have my students these last ten years. I hope all is well. aloha, Alison

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