Congratulations, Professor Allen!

Professor Ronald Allen
Professor Ronald Allen

On 30 September John Henry Wigmore Professor of Law Ronald Allen  of Northwestern University School of Law was one of 100 foreign experts to be awarded China’s Friendship Award in the Great Hall of the People for his work with the Academy of Social Sciences, the China University of Political Science and Law and Supreme People’s Court on evidence law and related issues.  The national court website ran a story on Court Vice President Shen Deyong’s meeting with Professor Allen, at which Judge Shen thanked Professor Allen for his work on behalf of the Supreme People’s Court.  Judge Shen commented on the importance of evidence law. He also noted that although China’s court reform must be based on China’s situation, it can draw on foreign law methods and experience, including that of common law systems.  Well done Professor Allen!

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  1. Susan, you emailed me this link, but I have lost your email and can’t email you back. In any event, thanks for bringing this and your blog to my attention. The email address I used to post this I never check, fyi.

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